Privacy Policy

The website of World Young Scientist Summit (hereinafter “this Website”) highly values the privacy of users. To provide you with more precise and personalized services, Zhejiang Scientific Communication Center (ZSCC) will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise stipulated herein, ZSCC will not disclose such information or provide such information to any third party without your prior approval. The specific rules are as follows:

I. Scope of application

1. When you visit this Website, the server will automatically receive and record the information of your browser and computer, including but not limited to, your IP address, type of browser, language, date and time of visit, feature information of your software and hardware and your browsing history.

2. When you subscribe this Website, it will require your personal information including your name and email address.

3. ZSCC obtains users’ personal data from its commercial partners by legal means.

You understand and agree that the following information will be excluded in applying this Privacy Policy:

1. Key word information inputted by you when using the search service of this Website;

2. The measures taken against you when violating relevant laws and regulations.

II. Use of information

1. ZSCC will NOT provide, sell, rent, share or transact your personal information to any irrelevant third party, unless with your prior approval.

2. ZSCC will NOT allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or publicize your personal information for free in any way.

III. Disclosure of information

Under the following circumstances, ZSCC will disclose all or part of your personal information based on your personal will or legal provisions:

1. Disclosure to a third party with your prior consent;

2. Necessary sharing of your personal information in order to provide you with the product and service you demanded;

3. Disclosure to a third party or administrative or judicial organ pursuant to relevant provisions of law, or by the demand of competent administrative or judicial organ;

4. Necessary disclosure to a third party when you violate relevant laws and regulations of China or the rules of ZSCC;

5. If you are the eligible IPR complainant and have filed a complaint, relevant information may be disclosed to the respondent if demanded, in order to settle the possible dispute of rights;

6. Other disclosures deemed appropriate by ZSCC according to relevant laws and regulations or the website policy.

IV. Cookie

This Website will set or use Cookie on your computer.

This Website allows the companies that place advertisement on it to set or use Cookie on users’ computer. Other companies will use Cookie pursuant to their own privacy policies instead of this Policy and they will not be able to access the Cookie of this Website.

V. Security

This Website will prevent your information from loss, misuse and alternation by adopting security measures including encrypting your information. Notwithstanding the aforesaid secure measures, please know that there are no “completely secure measures” in the cyber world.

VI. Amendment of Privacy Policy

This Website amends the Privacy Policy from time to time. In case of any significant change in using the personal information of users, this Website will publicize such change in the most obvious position of the web page in order to notify users in time.