Night of Science Pineapple Science Award


Established in 2012, the Pineapple Science Award collects imaginative scientific research results and events in the name of ‘Admiring Curiosity’, and holds award ceremony to commend and spread them every year. It’s the ninth birthday of the Pineapple Science Award this year.

Instructors:China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) & The People's Government of Zhejiang Province

Sponsors:Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology & Wenzhou Municipal People's Government

Organizers:Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum & GUOKR.COM

Time:20:30 — 22:30,October 18, 2020

Venue:Student Activity Center, Wenzhou Medical University (Main Venue of the Summit)

Pineapple Science Award Ceremony

October 18 20:30-22:30

The Pineapple Science Award includes conventional science awards for the curious and imaginative researches in various fields such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, medical biology and others. For example, in 2012, the Pineapple Science Award for Psychology was given to the manipulator controlled by money brain, the award for Chemistry to the research of chicken soup nutritive materials; in 2015, the award for Mathematics went to ‘How many times can a lollipop be licked’, the award for Physics to ‘Why can’t mosquitoes be killed by rain drops’; in 2019, the award for Biology went to ‘dinosaurs suffered from cervical spondylosis". Behind the seemingly funny research lies scientists’ curiosity about the world.

Except the conventional science awards, the Pineapple Science Award also includes Pineapple U Award and Pineapple ME Award, which are dedicated to events or people that may have unwittingly contributed to the popularization of science. Pineapple U Award focuses on events. For example, the bizarre disappearance of Zhangzidao Scallop in 2018, which has triggered extensive public discussion on its life and habits, and an impressive slogan 2019, ‘Chengjiang bug, your ancestor,’ which made the Chengjiang fossil famous, all won the Pineapple U Award of the year. The Pineapple ME Award focuses on people. For example, a professor of Sichuan University who splits bricks to demonstrate the principle of physics in class and a medical student who mimics a beauty blogger explaining laboratory equipment won the Pineapple ME Award because they successfully attracted the people’s attention on science in a humorous and unique way.

The Pineapple Science Award also includes two special awards: Fantasy Award is paying tribute to the ridiculous thoughts, such as Little Smart's Travel to The Future written by Ye Yonglie and the Three-body Problem written by Liu Cixin, while the Invention Award goes to the seemingly bizarre but inspiring inventions, such as the counterreconnaissance shoes invented by Kenji Kawakami, the inventor of selfie stick, in 2019.

The award ceremony will not only be held in field, but also broadcasted live on all major online platforms. In addition to the announcement and awarding of the prizes, there are also scientific themed singing and dancing, magic, interaction and other activities, among which, ‘Science Dubbing: Titanic’, ‘Beijing Opera on Science: Three Trials of Galileo’, ‘Science Duet: Double Helix’ and other artistic and scientific transboundary programs have received a large number of thumb-ups from Internet users. It is really a popular award ceremony among the scientific community and the public.

Anchorman:Tao Sheng, Anchorman of Zhejiang STV

Parts of Invited Guests:

Feng Zhang:Vice President and Secretary General of Zhejiang Digital Economy Society

Xiaolin Ma:Dean and Senior Professor at Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean Rim (SRM), Zhejiang International Studies University

Liming Wang:Professor and Investigator of Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University

Dahui Feng:Founder of NoCode Tech, Former Technical Expert of Alibaba, Chief DBA of Alipay, Former CTO of DXY