Fable–Future Round Table


Theme:Science Holds the Key to the Future

Since the 20th century, science has greatly changed human life and also human destiny. This Round Table will invite four top scientists from home and abroad to discuss the future of science from different dimensions, share their wonderful lives, and play the symphony of the future with the rhythm of life.

Quantum Rhapsody: From ‘QUESS’ to ‘Beijing-Shanghai Quantum Communication Network’ and from Quantum 1.0 to Quantum 2.0, China’s ‘quantum dreamcatchers’ are working with their teams to play the ‘quantum rhapsody’ of the science world.

Chemistry as a Song: As a ‘2016 Influential Figure in China’s Petroleum and Chemical Industry’ and a foreign professor who has become an Internet celebrity due to his continuous efforts for teaching popular science to children in mountainous areas, Chair of Royal Society of Chemistry (Beijing office) personally interprets the ‘andante’ of chemistry as a song.

Tianhe Echo: World-class supercomputer, one of important achievements in scientific and technological innovation, which is indispensable for the country

Photoelectric Nocturne: The creation of an efficiency record for perovskite LED is just the beginning, and large-scale and lowenergy flexible display of perovskite materials is the ‘caprice’ of the future. The post-90s doctoral advisor composed a ‘serenade’ of the photoelectric world with youth.


Yao Yao,Yao Yao, Anchorwoman of Wenzhou Radio & TV Station

Keynote speakers:

Yu’ao Chen, winner of Fresnel Prize, professor and Executive President of School of Physical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China

David G. Evans, Distinguished Professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Chair of Royal Society of Chemistry (Beijing office)

Xiangfei Meng, Winner of China Youth Science and Technology Award, Research Fellow of National SuperComputer Center in Tianjin

Baodan Zhao, winner of Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow award, doctoral advisor and researcher at Zhejiang Universit