WYSS π Community


The future of science and technology is dependent of our young!

World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS) is a global event by the youth and for the youth! It is a shared wish of various countries and common expectation of worldwide youth in the wake of COVID-19 to conduct people-to-people exchanges in science and technology for promoting youth innovation and cooperation. WYSS aims to stage an international platform for open communication, where great ideas can be swapped and win-win cooperation with mutual benefits initiated among young scientists and between scientists and entrepreneurs, to inject confidence, wisdom and strength into our concerted response to global challenges.

The youth stand at the heart and core of WYSS. In 2020, under the auspice of WYSS, π Community has been officially established as a global, open, inclusive and nonprofit organization. It is aimed at engaging front-line young scientists with a great sense of social responsibility and a solid background in scientific research, outstanding entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, artists, as well as young talents from various sectors, in an integrated effort to carry out multitiered and interdisciplinary people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in science and technology. This can allow more young talents to work together in sharing the opportunities brought by international scientific and technological revolution, seeking solutions for worldwide innovative development and constructing a global community of scientific and technological innovation.

The community is named after π, a symbol of “infinite potential, power and hope”. By creating a globalized network of resources, π Community is committed to acting as an optimal platform for its members to grow and meanwhile use their extraordinary talent, innovation, sense of mission and concern about public welfare to attract and help more of their young counterparts to become game-changers and leaders of the future.

π Community cares for earth and humanity alike and thinks about their future. Science and technology serve the social good cumulatively. With this in mind, we explore with dedication the uncharted territories in science and follow in earnest the developments in life health, bio-safety, climate change, clean energy and future technologies and other areas concerning the shared future for mankind.π Community bridges the present and the future, the virtual world and real life, sciences and humanities, industry and innovation, experts and the public, as well as China and the world. It promotes friendship through exchanges, enhances trust through integration and calls upon more open global partnerships in science, technology and innovation.United, we stand as one strong fortress. At π Community, we use WYSS as a platform to conduct themed events, advance dialogues, spur actions and initiate changes in order to make science and technology better serve the society and benefit mankind.

Scattered, we rise as shining stars. At π Community, we encourage each and every member to give full play to their special roles in respective cities, universities and communities, share their scientific stories, ideas and spirits to extend the reach of science and innovation to the general public.

ScatJoin us for a shared bright future!

Instructors:China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) & The People's Government of Zhejiang Province

Sponsors:Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology & Wenzhou Municipal People's Government

Organizers:Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology ,WYSS Secretariat,Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum & Association of Innovation and STEM Education (AISTEM