Science Ambassador Project


Science Ambassador Project (SAP) is a set of educational programs. It is designed for public audiences with its contents thought up by its organizers to best reflect the scientific themes of the World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS). It devise ways to enable the public come in touch with the latest development in science and technology. It is affectionate in developing platforms that delivers improve experiences for participations of its public educational program. It challenges its abilities to rethink and reinvent with the information specified for delegations during its programs for achieving the best-desired ‘get-across’ results

SAP will focus on Mars and the universe, brain-computer integration and synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and big data, green technology and clean energy, life sciences and ecological carrying and other cutting-edge interdisciplinary.

Instructors:China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) & The People's Government of Zhejiang Province

Sponsors:Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology & Wenzhou Municipal People's Government

Organizers:Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology , WYSS Secretariat, Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum, Association of Innovation and STEM Education (AISTEM

Time :September 2020 - June 2021

Venue :Elementary and Secondary Schools ,Science Museums in Zhejiang Province

First Event of SAP :Self-revolving Electron

October 13 16:00-17:30

Wenzhou No.22 High School

Beihang University

Zhejiang University

Electron is one of the world’s most mysterious particles. Electric charge and spin are the two unique features of electron. By manipulating the electric charge of electron, human developed the microelectronics based on semiconductors, which laid the foundation for the third industrial revolution. The development utilizing the spinning feature of electron will be one of the core technologies for the next round of quantum industrial revolution.

Moderator:Weisheng Zhao, IEEE Fellow, Dean of the School of Microelectronics at Beihang University

Keynote Speaker:Albert Fert, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, 2007

Invited Guest:Hanming Wu, Academician of CAE, Dean of the School of MicroNanoelectronics at Zhejiang University