CUSPEA Symposium & the Inaugural Ceremony of CUSPEA Institute of Technology

Time & Venue

Time: October 18-19, 2020

Venue:Innovation & Entrepreneurship Xintiandi Conference Center, Longwan District, Wenzhou


Building a Bridge between Science and Industry

Led by Academician WANG Zhonglin and supported by CUSPEA Scholars in China and beyond, a group of CUSPEA scholars have established in Wenzhou two not-for-profit organizations: CUSPEA Institute of Technology (“CUSTech”) and CUSPEA Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology (“CFAST”). CUSTech represents an all-new industrial technology institute that is dedicated to translate cutting-edge scientific findings into high-tech products and to realize commercialization goals. Upon the founding of CUSTech, we gather here for this high-level symposium that brings together industry-academia-research stakeholders, embracing the spirit in the inscription of Mr. Tsung-Dao Lee that goes “Pool energy to prosper the society and innovate to benefit the people”. The participants will brainstorm on the policies, strategies, experience, and lessons surrounding the commercialization of scientific findings amid new situations inside and outside China, thereby helping build a bridge from science to industry. In addition, CFAST will announce the “CUSPEA Prize”, which is designed to reward young scientists contributing significantly to international scientific exchange and cooperation, thus taking science to all humanity.

Organizational Structure

Instructors:China Association for Science and Technology (CAST),the People's Government of Zhejiang Province

Sponsors: Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology,Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government

Co-Organizers: Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau,Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology

Organizer: Management Committee of Wenzhou Zhe’nan Technology City,CUSPEA Institute of Technology (Wenzhou),CUSPEA Foundation for the Advancement of science and technology (CFAST)’

Supporter: Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, CAS



October 17 14:00-21:00


CUSPEA Scholars meet with the colleagues from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Tsung-Dao Lee Library

October 17 20:00


Opening Ceremony of CUSPEA Symposium

October 18 14:30-15:10 40 minutes


Academician WANG Zhonglin, President & Chief Scientist, CUSTech


YAO Gaoyuan, Chairman of Board,CUSTech & Wenzhou City Mayor

XIE Xincheng, Deputy Director, the National Natural Science Foundation ofChina

Academician TANG Chao, President, CUSPEA Scholars Association, Peking University

Academician CHEN Jun,Vice President, Nankai University

Academician LUO Qingming, President, Hainan University

Academician ZHAO Dongyuan, Director, United Front Work Department, Fudan University

LI Xinwan,Curator, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Tsung-Dao Lee Library

Video Remarks by Professor LI Zhongqing


Inaugural Ceremony of CUSTechs

Group Photo, 20 minutes


Keynote Presentations

1 hour, 30 minutes for each speaker


Academician LIN Haiqing, Beijing Computational Science Research Center


Academician XUE Qikun, Vice President, Tsinghua University: Information Technology and Quantum Revolution

Prof. XUE Lan, Dean, Schwarzman College & Director, China Institute for Science and Technology Policy at Tsinghua University: Several Observations and Thoughts on Fundamental Research


Academician Forum: Opportunities and Challenges of International Scientific & Technological Exchanges in the Current Environment

1 hour


Dr. DONG Jielin, CUSTech and China Institute for Science and Technology Policy at Tsinghua University


Academician CHEN Jun, Nankai University

Academician LUO Qingming, Hainan University

Academician ZHAO Dongyuan, Fudan University

Academician GAN Zizhao, Peking University

Academician XIE Xincheng, The National Natural Science Foundation of China


Ceremony on Announcing the ‘CUSPEA Prize’

18:30 Banquet


Dr. DONG Jielin, Chair of Board,CFAST

Video Remarks by Tony Leggett, Chairman of the Award Committee of the ‘CUSPEA Prize’ (Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2003)

All CUSPEA Scholars come to the podium for the inauguration


Keynote Presentations

October 19 8:30

30 minutes for each speaker


Dr. CHEN Guanlong, Chairman,Membrane Solutions


Academician LI Yuliang, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences: Graphdiyne Research: From Basics to Application

Dr. CHEN Dongmin, Executive Deputy Director, Guangdong Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory: Can Scientists Become the Major Force in Breaking through Strategically Critical Technologies?

Dr. XUE Jiuzhi, Director, Jiangsu Jitri Liquid Crystal Technology Institute: Construction of the Industrial Technology Innovation System

Tea Break

20 minutes


CUSPEA Forum: Experience and Pitfalls of Scientific & Technological Innovation and Commercialization

1 hour


Dr. PANG Yang, CEO, Shanghai Alliance Financial Services Limited


Dr. XIONG Quan, Partner, SummitViewCapital

Dr. HU Xiaodong, Chairman, Shanghai Iotelligent Semiconductor Co.

Dr. YANG Liyou, General Manager, Shanxi Jinneng Group Co.

Dr. GAI Wei, Chairman, Shenzhen Jieming Medical Technology Co.

Prof. WANG Xiaolin, Guangdong University of Technology

Dr. YAN Xiao, Chairman, MS-Battery Co.


Closing Remarks by Academician WANG Zhonglin

10 minutes