International Young Medical Scientist Symposium & China (Wenzhou) Pharmaceutical Summit

Date and Venue

Time:14:30 — 17:30 October 18, 2020

Venue:Lucheng Qidu Financial Technology and Cultural Center, Wenzhou


Pharmaceutical Innovation and WIT120

The Symposium aims to converge first-class talents from home and abroad to share and exchange ideas of indepth integration of modern information technology and pharmaceutical innovation and development, share results and experience in ‘Internet + medical treatment’, medical robot and brain science, create a first-class industrialization model, boost innovation and development of WIT120, advance the implementation, transformation and application of international advanced technological achievements, promote structural adjustments and innovations, realize a virtuous cycle of human resources, technology and economic performance, and build an internationally influential platform for pharmaceutical innovation.

Organizational Structure


China Association for Science and Technology

The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province


Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology

Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government


The People’s Government of Lucheng District

Organizing Committee of China Pharma Summit


Central Youth Committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party

ASEM Cooperation Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation

Beijing Tenglong Feixiang International Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

Photonic Integration (Wenzhou) Innovation Research Institute


Opening Ceremony

October 18 14:30-14:45

Wang Yumin, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Pharma Summit, Executive Vice President of China Reproductive Health Industry Association

Keynote Presentations

October 18 14:45-17:00


Yongxiang Zhang, Chairman of Chinese Pharmacological Society


Xuemin Zhang, Director of the Department of Life Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Academician of CAS: Scientific research and innovation open up a new paradigm for infectious disease prevention and control

Daiming Fan, Academician and Former Vice President of CAE: Further thinking on integrated medicine

Qi Wang, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Adademician of CAE: Chinese medicine prevention plan for epidemic prevention and control in China

Ningyi Jin, Academician of CAE: New viral diseases, Vaccines and Prevention

Keynote Presentations

Magdaiena J koziol, Ph.D. in Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge, UK, Researcher of Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing: Impact of brain-like research on drug development for COVID-19 in the context of the epidemic

Jiang Baoguo, President of Peking University People’s Hospital: Re-stratification treatment and mathematical model of urban prevention and control of COVID-19

Luming Li, Dean of the School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University: Brain pacemaker - from bedside to brain-computer interface

Yongjun Wang, President of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University: Risks of using big data and multi-omics technology to treat cerebrovascular diseases

Jiahong Gao, Director of Beijing NMR Center, Peking University: Brain imaging technology development and WIT120

Qingjun Lu, Deputy Director of the Telemedicine Management and Training Center, National Health Commission: 5G and online medical diagnosis


October 18 18:30-19:30

Sub-forum I: Seminar on Young Scientist Research Project

October 18 19:30-20:30

Sub-forum II: Academic Seminar of Chinese Pharmacological Society

October 18 19:30-20:30