International Symposium of Resilient City

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In October 2019, the first World Young Scientist Summit was successfully held in Wenzhou. More than 800 guests from 85 countries and regions around the world, including Nobel Prize winners, overseas academicians, representatives of young scientists and leaders of international science and technology organization, attended the summit to talk about scientific and technological innovation and the social responsibility of young scientists.

In 2020 New Year's address, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: youth is the hope of the world today. The world needs a younger generation. You should speak up, keep your ideals, break the confines, and move forward, I am encouraged by your passion and determination. You seek to play the right role in shaping the future. I support you, the United Nations supports you, and belongs to you.

At present, the global spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has brought great challenges to the world. Great changes are taking place in the world public health system, the international order, and the world pattern. Youth, as the future of the country and the world, needs to share ideas and contribute wisdom to promoting the building of a community of shared future for mankind and creating a better future for human development. In order to better implement UN SDGs 2030, build a better platform for international cooperation in innovation and technology, and serve local scientific and technological development and industrial upgrading, the "International Symposium of Resilient City" is specially proposed in the the framework of the "World Young Scientist Summit 2020".



International Symposium of Resilient City



Adjust Measures to Local-Geo Conditions, A New Direction of the World Resilient Cities

Organizational Structure


China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

The People's Government of Zhejiang Province

China Geological Survey



Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology

Wenzhou Municipal People's Government

Nanjing Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey

Young Earth Scientists(YES)Network


Host Organizations:

The 11th Geological Team of Zhejiang Geological Exploration Bureau

Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology

Engineering Innovation Center for Urban Underground Space Exploration and Evaluation

Deep Earth Exploration Center of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Zhejiang Huakun Geological Development Co., Ltd.



Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhejiang University

Shandong University

Shenzhen University

Wenzhou University

Chinese Chapter, Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network

Youth Working Committee of Chinese Geophysical Society

Youth Working Committee of Geological Society of China

Jiangsu Geological Society

Jiangsu Society on Underground Space

Urban Geology Committee of Jiangsu Geological Society

Short-period Dense Array Technology and Equipment Sharing Alliance

Special Committee of Environmental Geophysics of Chinese Geophysical Society

State Key Laboratory of Deep Rock and Soil Mechanics and Underground Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology

China Construction International Engineering Corporation

Zhejiang Zhengyuan Geographic Information Co., Ltd.

NavInfo Co., Ltd. and

GeoTeck Co., Ltd.

Date and Venue


morning of September 10, 2020, arrival and check-in

afternoon of September 10, 2020, opening ceremony

morning Day of September 11, 2020, official meeting



Shangri-La Hotel, Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Meeting Form

The meeting will be held online and offline at the same time, and foreign experts will mainly participate online.

Proposed Agenda

Opening Ceremony

Date: 13:30-15:00,10th September, 2020

The academicians, experts and leaders will be invited to attend and make remark at the opening ceremony. The international and foreign experts will be invited to make a keynoted speech, and the list of reports will be announced in the No.2 circular.


World Urban Campaign Urban Thinkers Campus of United Nations Human Settlements Programme - UTC 5.0  (TBD)

Date: 15:10-16:10,10th September, 2020

The United Nations world urban campaign led by the Secretary General of the United Nations, is coordinated globally by United Nations Human Settlements Programme. The goal of this campaign is to give priority to urban sustainable development and raise the awareness of sustainable development of urban stakeholders. Since the 21st century, great changes have taken place in the world economy, society and environmental protection. In the process of urbanization, both developed and developing countries will face severe urban environmental problems. People have put forward higher requirements for urban safety and the environmental quality of human settlements. In response to global emergencies, how to better and sustainable development of cities, surface cities and underground space to provide more coordinated services for the urban population, has become our urgent content to discuss, as well as a new direction for urban development.

In this topic, following the successful holding of China's first urban imaginative home with the theme of sustainable development of urban underground space in 2019-Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC 4.0), was jointly organized by United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS), Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space-Youth Working Committee (ACUUS-YG) and other organizations.


Dialogue on resilient cities between Europe and Asia: new opportunities and cooperation to face the challenges

Date: 16:30-18:30,10th September, 2020

Nowadays, about 4 billion people live in urban areas. By 2050, this number will increase to 6 billion. City is the hub of employment, technology and economic development. More than 80% of global GDP is generated in urban areas. City is also the source of most greenhouse gas emissions and the place of energy consumption. City is also the residence of most of the world's refugees, the hardest-hit areas of natural disasters and the focus of social unrest and conflicts. It is clear that the success of sustainable development efforts will be known at the city.

In this special session, we hope to jointly explore cooperation in smart cities, underground space, urban environment and other fields through dialogue between Europe and Asia. The  topics are set as follows:

○ Comparison and cooperation of smart cities between Europe and Asia

○ Transformation and development on the underground space in Europe & Asia

○ Resilient cities and sustainable development Gaols

○ Mega-cities’ resilience to water and climate change

○ Development and utilization of underground space in ancient building area

○ The New opportunity, Mega-cities and New Infrastructure


Planning, Evaluation, Development and Key Technology of Underground Space in Super-resilient Cities Circle

Date: 9:00-11:00,11st September, 2020

As an important supplement of urban space resources, mega-city underground space alleviates the practical problems such as the shortage of land and the deterioration of human settlements, and is one of the important ways to improve urban resilience.

In order to enhance the ability of prevention and control of natural disasters in mega-cities, it is necessary to take planning as the guide, finely evaluate underground space resources, solve the key problems of safe and sustainable development and utilization of underground space, improve the pattern of urban space, and establish livable, convenient, ecological and green concepts to provide an effective basis for urban toughness planning.

At the same time, focusing on the key scientific and technical solution in smart city, urban underground space exploration and safe utilization, new detection and data processing methods such as active / passive source combination, distributed optical fiber and artificial intelligence are developed. exchange the latest progress in the exploration and development of underground resources, environmental assessment, space utilization, risk investigation, disaster reduction and prevention in smart cities, so as to create a resilient urban development environment, the session topics are set as follows:

○ Research progress on the improvement of urban resilience by underground space

○ Theory and method of underground space planning

○ Legal system related to safe development and utilization of underground space

○ Evaluation method for comprehensive utilization of underground space resources

○ Exploration technology, method and equipment of urban underground space resources

○ Modeling analysis and visualization of underground 3D space

○ Detection of urban shallow velocity structure by active and passive source

○ Urban seismicity and detection of hidden faults

○ Risk investigation of urban underground space

○ Intelligent detection of urban underground pipeline

○ Typical cases of collaborative development and utilization of underground space


High-level expert consultation for the Blue Book on the High-quality Development of Integrated Underground Space in the Yangtze River Delta.

Date: 9:00-11:00,11st September, 2020

The development of regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta is a major national strategy. As the fast growth of demand on construction land, it is urgent to understand the key and capacity of the development and utilization of underground space in this region, to put forward countermeasures for the high-quality development of underground space. By research on several typical major urban agglomerations, and combining with the social & economic situation and regional geological conditions, this paper will focus on the key issues of the evaluation, planning, construction and management of urban underground space to make the high-quality development strategy of integrated urban underground space in the Yangtze River Delta, which sets an example for the sustainable development and utilization of global urban underground space resources. The Blue Book on the High-quality Development of Integrated Underground Space in the Yangtze River Delta will be submitted to the relevant national and local departments to the support the future planning, policy landing and economic development of the region.

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