International Forum of AI and Industrial Internet


In October 2019, the first World Young Scientist Summit was successfully held in Wenzhou. More than 800 guests from 85 countries around the world, including Nobel Prize winners, overseas academicians, representatives of young scientists and leaders of international science and technology organizations, attended the summit to talk about scientific and technological innovation and the social responsibility of young scientists.

In his 2020 New Year address, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: “Youth is the hope of the world today. The world needs a younger generation. You should speak up, keep your ideals, break the confines, and move forward, I am encouraged by your passion and determination. You seek to play the right role in shaping the future. I support you, the United Nations supports you, and belongs to you.”

At present, the global spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has brought great challenges to the world. Great changes are taking place in the world public health system, the international order, and social dynamics. Youth, as the future of the world, needs to share ideas and unite for the building of a community with shared future for the mankind and creating a better future for human development. In order to better implement the UN SDGs by 2030, build a better platform for international cooperation in innovation and technology, and serve local scientific and technological development and industrial innovation, the International Forum of AI and Industrial Internet is initiated within the framework of the "World Young Scientist Summit 2020".

The objective of this session is to bring together global leaders in AI and Industrial Internet to understand new ways to overcome the barriers and threats to those new future technology that benefit all. Our panel consists of a diverse range of researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers that will discuss the collaboration on the New Industry between China and Africa, and how to come to Information accessibility with the support of future technology such as AI, Industrial Internet and so on. The senior and young scientists, policy makers, innovators will be invited to share ideas and make the plan for the future action to promote the future technology on the implement of SGD2030.



International Forum of AI and Industrial Internet


AI Empowering the New infrastructure, IIoT Shaping the New Era

Organizational Structure


China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

The People's Government of Zhejiang Province


In Cooperation with Organizations (TBD):

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)



Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology

Wenzhou Municipal People's Government

Internet Society of China


Host Organizations:

Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology

Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College

China Internet Information Accessibility Working Committee


Support Organizations (TBD):

Smart Africa

International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

China Academy of Railway Sciences

Tsinghua University

Wuhan University

Alibaba Cloud University

Shannon AI

Navinfo Co., Ltd.

GeoTeck. Co., Ltd

Guo Xing Zhong Ke Co., Ltd.




Morning of October 10, 2020, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Afternoon of October 10, 2020, Beijing Time


Meeting Center of Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College, Wenzhou Zhejiang, China


Organizational Structure

The meeting will be held online and offline at the same time,foreign experts will mainly participate online.

Proposed Agenda

01. Opening Ceremony


14:00 -14:30 PM 10th October, 2020 (Beijing Time)

06:00-06:30 AM 10th October, 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)

The academics, policy experts and business leaders will be invited to attend and make their remarks at the opening ceremony. The international and foreign experts will be invited to make a keynote speech, and the list of reports will be announced in the circular to follow.


02. Integrated Development between AI and Industrial Internet, and New Opportunities Brought by Future Technologies


14:30 -15:30 PM 10th October, 2020 (Beijing Time)

06:30-07:30 AM 10th October, 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)

AI today has entered the 3rd round of deep learning and its focus shifted to deep learning and development strategy. In 2019, AI was included in the Premier’s government work report for the third consecutive year and the concept of “Intelligence+” was proposed for the first time to empower the transformation and upgrade of manufacturing. Besides, the government report also pointed out that efforts must be made to strengthen the R&D of core technologies and improve technical supporting abilities. AI, as a national strategy, is acting as an infrastructure service to gradually integrate with industry and accelerate the optimization and upgrade of the economic structure, generating far-reaching influence on the way people work and live.

With the booming new round of technological revolution and industrial reform, the industrial Internet, as a product of the deep integration between manufacturing and Internet, has become a key support for the new industrial revolution and an important base for smart manufacturing. Currently, the path and model for the top design and application of the industrial Internet in China have been preliminarily formed. Though China’s industrial Internet has explored a lot as to its path and pattern, it’s still at the preliminary stage of development.

New technologies are developing in an exploding manner. If they are coupled with the fresh industrial Internet, what effects will be generated? For the industrial Internet, the injection of new technologies means new opportunities. Meanwhile, the current “construction of new infrastructure” brought by key technologies including 5G will become the new generation of infrastructure for information network boosting the development of industrial Internet. During the pandemic, the value of 5G technology which was put to commercial use for not too long is under further examination. The pandemic has further accelerated the construction and commercial layout of the 5G network, which doubtlessly brings new opportunities for integrated development of “5G + industrial Internet”.

In this session, we hope to discuss empowerment and cooperation in the perspective of the integration of areas such as innovation in communication technology and AI language, with industrial development of the industrial Internet and new infrastructure, in order to promote technological innovation and development and help realize the goal of sustainability. Topics are set as follows:

1 Outlook of AI and other future technologies

2 AI empowers the new industrial age

3 Integrated development between AI and industrial Internet

4 Latest developments of technologies and methods of new infrastructure

5 Development and breakthrough of key future technologies

6 R&D cycle and leaping development of future technologies

7 Data, algorithm, storage and application

8 New opportunities & challenges brought by the new infrastructure

9 AI and industrial Internet provide solutions to global emergency incident


03Dialogue about new infrastructure in Africa: technology alleviates poverty, digitalization promotes development and cooperation addresses challenges


16:00 -17:30 PM 10th October, 2020 (Beijing Time)

08:00-09:30 AM 10th October, 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)

Africa is an ancient continent and an emerging market. Though limited by general scale, the reasons are mainly because the new infrastructure related to digital economy is minor, backward and far from complete in African countries. Africa is currently the area needing digital construction or bridging of digital gaps the most around the world, and also the area where information accessibility of the Internet applies the most, with the largest market for technical services of information and communication. Meanwhile, the population of Africa is large with a high proportion of young people; it is so important to build the information accessibility for next generation. In the coming 3 years, the penetration ratio of the Internet in Africa will grow rapidly and the number of netizens in Africa is expected to reach 800 million. Also, smart phones are becoming more and more popular in the African market and it’s estimated that in 2022, the penetration ratio of smart phones will reach 73%. All these factors doubtlessly provide huge possibility for the development of “new infrastructure” in Africa. Meanwhile, according to the estimation of McKinsey & Co, a global management & consultancy company, if the popularity of the Internet reaches the level of that of mobile phone, the annual GDP of Africa will increase by USD 300 billion.

Presently, China is a rather important partner of Africa and starting from 2007, approximately 2/3 of the funds for construction of new infrastructure in Africa come from China. Besides, China’s participation in the infrastructure construction of Africa also creates extra job opportunities in banking, residence, education, etc. In 2021, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will be held in Senegal and we hope China and Africa can cooperate in the area of new infrastructure and establish a fine communication and cooperation mechanism.

In this session, we hope, via the dialogue between Africa and Asia, to discuss the cooperation of future technologies such as AI and the industrial Internet in the areas of poverty alleviation, job increase, handling of global public health issues, construction of smart city, Information accessibility and coping with climate change.

Convener Organizations:

1 Smart Africa/span>

2 International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission

3 China Academy of Information and Communications Technology




17:30 -17:50 PM 10th October, 2020 (Beijing Time)

09:30-09:50 AM 10th October, 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)

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