Call for nomination of “Global Young Scientist Scholars” for World Young Scientist Summit

To mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, outstanding representatives from global science, technology, business, venture capital, and arts communities jointly initiated the “Global Young Scientist Scholar Program (GYSS)” within the framework of the World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS) and agreed to make it one of the key permanent events of WYSS in order to globally promote young scientists to implement the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

“Global Young Scientist Scholars Program” is an international community composed of outstanding representatives from global science, technology, industry, venture capital, arts and other fields. It’s initiated to promote the young generation to better serve the society and implement the UN SDGs 2030 through international and cross-disciplinary dialogues, cooperation and collaboration among young scientists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Every year, WYSS selects up to 50 representatives of young scientists from all over the world.

Benefit and Outreach

All Global Young Scientist Scholars will:

- be entitled to attend the WYSS and present their research and activities;

- meet the senior top scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and all other high-level participants of WYSS;

- receive the citizenship of Global π Community and have their right to perform their duties;

- have the priority to present the innovation projects and ideas to WYSS Investment Fund for the better world and society;

- discuss any further ideas with WYSS secretariat and Global π Community council.

Selection Criteria

- The candidates should be born on or after January 1, 1975;

- Outstanding achievements: The candidates should have a leading role in global science, technology, innovation, venture capital or business, have 5-15 years of recognized achievements, leadership and outstanding professional work experience;

- Social service works: The candidates need to demonstrate a personal commitment to serve global society and sustainable development through science and technology, and prove that they are serving the society through outstanding contributions and profound moral concepts and have made remarkable achievements;

- Good moral character: The candidates need to have an impeccable record in the public eye, good standing in their community, self-awareness and a desire to learn;

- Nomination: The candidates should have a good nominator who should be one of the “Global Young Scientist Scholars”, president, professor, CEO or chairman of any international organization, university, research institute, or cooperative enterprise, to serve as their guarantors;

- All units can only nominate one candidate each year;

- Self-nominations are accepted, but additional application materials and recommendation letters need to be provided.

Nomination and Selection Process

It is so sorry we could only open to accept the nomination in a very short term due to the pandemic in this year for GYSS program.

Before 24:00 of 10 October 2020 - The application and corresponding materials should be submitted;

11 October 2020 - The Judging Committee reviews and announces the results;

17 October 2020 - Selected candidates attend the “Global Young Scientist Scholar Roundtable”;

18 October 2020 - Selected candidates attend the “World Young Scientist Summit”.

Please contact Executive Secretary of WYSS by the email for any questions and to submit your application.

WYSS, GYSS committee and Global π Community council keep revision and interpretation rights.

Download application form