The World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS) as an academic event held once a year for the world young high talents is jointly sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province.

With its long-term vision for building a community of common destiny for all humanities, WYSS sets on the Converging the World's Talents Creating a Better Future theme; oriented for one global vision with international interests and a China voice, WYSS attracts talents from all corners of the world for their dreams in sciences. In acknowledging ‘the future of science and technology is dependent of our young’ being the global and century concerns, WYSS highlights its main discussion premise around world’s young scientists with integrated interest from industries, venture capitals, arts and other societal endeavors. It has led to another improvement in academic and cultural exchanges, enabled leadership from world’s top scientist, offered enhanced participations from young scientists and involved private entrepreneurs, to jointly address global challenges, establish a platform for talent exchange in a wider range of fields and provide a carrier of higher-level scientific and technological innovation.

The first WYSS was held with great success in Wenzhou, China, in October 2019 and received a letter of congratulation from President Xi Jinping. Participated by 800 guests at home and abroad, it showed the trust, cooperation and win-win results. The 2020 WYSS guided by President Xi Jinping's letter of congratulation will gather more young scientific and technological talents for idea exchange, mutual learning, stronger friendship and closer cooperation, to boost economic and social development with scientific and technological innovation, and create a bright future for human development.