2019 Summit Highlights

The first Youth Summit was held in Wenzhou from October 26th to 27th, 2019. President Xi Jinping sent a congratulation letter. Mr. Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, recited the congratulation letter at the opening ceremony of the Summit. The Summit hosted a total of 35 sub-events in four major sectors, namely: Science Moment, Dialogues with Future, Embracing SciTech, Engaging for Sharing. Included are one opening ceremony, 12 core-interest events with 22 affiliation activities. It attracted a total of 800 representatives from 17 international academic organizations. There are 4 Nobel Prize winners, 1 Turning Award winner, 57 overseas academicians and 52 academicians of CAS and CAE took part in the Summit.

Centering on ‘Converging the World's Talents Creating a Better Future’ theme, the participants explored academic issues, shared ideas, integrated multi disciplines and discussed cooperation. On behalf of the Summit, it generated calls for innovations in science and technology for solutions to global key issues, and it entreated the world in voicing for trust, cooperation, win-win outcomes. It promoted cooperation of world young scientists with entrepreneurs.

During the Summit, A Consent on the Roundtable Meeting of Global Youth Science and Technology Leaders was announced, A Letter of Intent for Cooperation, and A Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation were signed respectively with Denmark and the Organizing Committee of the Global University Entrepreneurship World Cup. Because of the Summit, a 1 Billion Yuan High Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Fund, and a Private Enterprising Festival were found. The Summit brought about the successes in the establishment of one meeting – the Youth Scientist Summit, one Park - Industrial Park, one facility - Incubator, one Fund - Youth Scientist Fund.

As recorded, the first Summit resulted in the signing of many agreement. There were 10 for innovation platforms, 78 for science and technology project cooperation, 64 for high talents and teams contracts, and 17 for strategic cooperation agreements with international organizations. The Summit also had seen the founding for the world young scientist entrepreneurship park, a Summit start-up incubation accelerator, and the 2 Billion Yuan Science and Technology Innovation Fund, and 12 project agreements with the Industrial Park.

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